Top Motorcycle Safety Accessories


Once you’ve got all of the motorcycling essentials including your helmet, a visor or goggles, and the proper protective clothing, consider adding some extra kit to make your ride even safer.


Motorcyclists’ ears are exposed to high noise levels, from their own bike, others’ bikes and the traffic around them, and should be protected. Specially-designed earplugs (which are also for use with audio devices) can dull traffic noise without impairing your hearing, and will not fall out of your helmet.

On-board camera

As well as being able to photograph and video record your drive cameras also provide a useful source of evidence should you have an accident. So while they don’t keep you physically safe, they could protect your motorbike insurance premiums from rising by helping to prove who was at fault in an accident.

Electric heat

Not so much a specific gadget as a whole selection of accessories to warm up your ride. Some bikers wouldn’t dream of adding electric heating gadgets, but if it keeps you warm, which will keep you focused, they might be worth considering. Options include heated vests, hand grips and even seats.

Windshields and fairings

Just as your visor protects your face, windshields can protect your body. They keep a lot of road debris off your visor, giving you better vision, and help to keep some of the elements at bay. And when you’re not cold and wet, your concentration and grip is improved.

Extended mirrors

If you feel your mirrors don’t reach out far enough, there are a number of extended mirrors available that enable you to see more of the road and the drivers around you.

Reflective tape

This isn’t anything new but it’s worth repeating. If you’re a frequent night rider, reflective tape will make your motorcycle look like a much larger object to other drivers and riders. Put them on your front forks, edges of your panniers and anywhere that sticks out, such as extended mirrors.

Disc lock

As well as your own safety, consider the safety of your bike. If you’re worried about leaving your pride and joy unattended, a disc lock should help reassure you – opportunist thieves are less likely to target any vehicle that has the extra hassle of locks or alarms.

Make sure if you add any expensive gadgets, gizmos and gear to your bike, helmet or motorcycling clothing that you have adequate insurance to cover it.

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