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How to Choose Riding Jeans


How to choose the perfect denim riding jeans


Pick the perfect pair of jeans to wear while riding and you’ll combine the fit, feel and look of your favourite denims with the protection of motorcycle trousers. However, there’s a bit more to it than simply selecting the size and style that suits you. Follow these three golden rules to find the right jeans to enhance your riding pleasure.

  1. Fit for riding. Check whether the jeans will fit over your biking boots. Remember that they’ll ride up when you’re sitting on your bike, so they need to be long enough to cover your ankles when seated. Also, make sure the waist is high enough to avoid a gap between jeans and jacket when riding, which could expose you to wind, rain and, in the event of a spill, road rash.
  2. Are you sitting comfortably? Those skinny fit jeans may look the business on a night out, but could you face several hours in the saddle wearing them? Stretch denim is a major benefit if you like a snug fit, otherwise consider going for a looser style. A mesh lining will help keep you feeling fresh on hot days and also stops the protective lining from irritating your skin.
  3. Protection. Most biker jeans have abrasion resistant panels, made from Kevlar, (or similar aramid fibres), under vulnerable areas, (e.g. hips, knees and backside). Some are even lined throughout, although this can make them a bit heavier and/or bulkier. Pockets at the knees and hips provide the option to fit CE-approved protectors if you want the additional assurance of body armour.

Here’s a final thought. The whole point of biker jeans is that you should be able to wear them all day long, both on your motorcycle and off it, so be sure to pick a style that you’ll be happy to be seen in.

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