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Ground Anchors

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The AnchorForce is an extra strong bolt-down ground anchor. With a hardened steel construction providing a secure anchor point for all chains and cable locks. Having been rigorously tested the AnchorForce it achieved the new Sold Secure Motorcycle DIAMOND rating • Fits all cable locks and Oxford chains up to 16mm link diameter • Hardened steel construction provides a secure anchor point for chains and cables • Can be fitted to concrete floors and concrete/brick walls • The strength of the installation is dependent on the quality of the floor/wall material • Insurance company approved


The Beast lock, chain and anchor has achieved a Sold Secure DIAMOND rating, ensuring it is able to withstand forceful and sustained attacks. To be awarded a DIAMOND is no small feat. The Beast has passed attack tests from a huge range of tools, commonly used by thieves including, pliers bolt croppers, drill, and most impressively a 90 second angle grinder attack • Resists angle grinder attack • Double layered strength with a hardened steel construction • 22mm Beast chain compatible, fits all Oxford chain and locks • Weighs 4kg Secure Motorcycle DIAMOND • Anti-tamper fittings


The Oxford Docking Station is the ultimate wall and ground anchor. It is made from forged hardened steel and incorporates its own in-built locking bar to retain a chain. To fit a chain for the first time, simply unlock, unscrew a small retaining screw, slide out the locking bar, fit the chain and close the locking and re-tighten the grub screw. Then to use on a daily basis just unlock using the key and slide the bar out to release one chain end of the chain and secure around your motorcycle and fit back into the docking station and re-lock. Very convenient and very secure!