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Christmas Gifts



Christmas is just around the corner, so beat the shopping centre queues and pick up the perfect gift for the motorcycle lover in your life from Fowlers Online Shop. #Christmascracked


Great stocking fillers from the KTM range:

Keep track of your keys with this 1290 Super Adventure Rubber Keyring: £4.98  

Enjoy a brew in the Ready To Race Mug: £6.72

Crack open a cold one with the cool twist-grip Bottle Opener: £12.54

Triumphant gifts:

Keep time with the Triumph Sports Chrono Watch: £299.00 

Fly the flag with these Triumph Mono Flag Gloves: £80.00

For the tech fans:


Record your rides with the GoPro Hero7 Black: £379.99

Expand your horizons in the new year with the TomTom Rider 550: £399.98 

Stay connected while you ride with the Cardo Freecom 2: £159.95

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03/03/2020 20:05
Boy George struggles with uniform dating

Boy George finds that it is hard to meet ''worthwhile'' lovers on dating websites.

The 'Coming Home' hitmaker whoever real name is George Alan O'Dowd used Grindr, Which is a networking application centered on gay, Bisexual, And bi curious men, But finds his fame makes finding a company tough.

He told The Sunday Times magazine: ''Of course I have been on Grindr! That's like asking have I most people have struggled on Facebook. But you're not going to meet [url=]moldova brides[/url] anyone worthwhile on those sites.

''What happens to me on them is 'Oh, that you're Boy George?' Those kind of products aren't open to me.''

The star who previously had relationships with punk rock singer Kirk Brandon and Culture Club drummer Jon Moss insists he is a romantic at heart and would [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] like to have a romantic relationship but has been busy working on his new album 'This Is What I Do', may be released October 28.
22/04/2020 03:36
How To Write An online dating sites Profile That Works

If you have in mind rice cookers, Thinking about buying home, Looking for new rice cooker recipes you may be interested in current trends in our easy rice cooker recipes. We also have everything else you might want to know about all things rice cookerish including replacement rice cooker instruction manuals.

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Online Dating TipsIf you've decided to try online dating then knowing crafting an online dating profile is key. Unlike real world first opinions, Online first images are two dimensional, Picture and concern. In order to create an awe-inspiring third dimension, You must gathered a truly dynamic profile. Your uniform dating profile is what will determine people interest in you. there's a lot of dating sites out there, With both free and premium a regular membership. a number of sites have a specific geographic as well. there are lots of dating sites which generally target users within the US seeking others in the US other dating sites are focused on different countries or regions, Such as Elena's Models which features single Russian women or those that feature Taiwanese girls.

When you create your online dating sites profile, You will probably need to choose a user name. you choose the right user name is important. make sure you choose one that spells fun! now is the name that members on the dating site will know you by initially. it really is start out with an anonymous name, Until you meet a interesting person and decide to reveal your real name. Let the online user name you choose reflect your personality and create interest to entice people to click your profile and discover more about you. Avoid choosing questionable, Childish or sexually inciteful names. with regard to, Focusing on putting up pictures that show them in the best light and with a competitive smile is important. for males, It the printed profile that counts. Of course men ought to include a profile photo as well. Online dating profiles with photos receive noticeably more views than profiles without photos. great friends, certain close ones, can say to it like it is, And will be able to point out all those stellar qualities and gains to your personality. normally we tend not to notice our best qualities or feel embarrassed about flaunting them. Writing your online dating profile is not service provider to feel shy!When writing your online dating service profile, Avoid telling your work day story. as an example, Where you visited school or what you majored in, In college is really irrelevant at that time. You will come across as boring with a capital What you write has to be dynamic, interesting and humorous. The reader has to be interested enough to start wondering out loud about the things you said in your profile. It should make the person start asking them questions and wondering about the person behind the profile. When curiosity is piqued by an intriguing profile that can make someone laugh, The messages will start filling up your inbox. Take a look at the other profiles on the dating site you are using. You will find most of them of usually rather short and rather boring. Clich are a week ago news and dating poison, they must be avoided like the plague. What you put into your profile has to be imaginative and creative. deal with it or not, Spelling and grammar matters to to many people. Using poor grammar and misspelled words will create the impression among [url=]pof[/url] some people that you are either uneducated or simply couldn't be bothered to take the time to create a well written profile because you aren't serious. You will come across as a total nut job, Not worth annoying with. further, While it shouldn't need be said, Always avoid using slang or foul language in your online dating site profile.
10/06/2020 23:43
chronicle Live

Courts18:00, 28 MAY 2020Taxpayers must pay HMRC paedophile thousands as it was 'unfair' to sack himCourtsThe sex offender was in prison for an assault on a schoolgirl but a tribunal ruled HMRC jumped the gun in dismissing himProlific thief spat at supermarket staff who caught him shoplifting and told them he had coronavirusCourtsJohn Charlton, 33, Is now back behind bars following on from the vile assaults in Gateshead just weeks after he was released from prisonSon failed to notify DWP of his mum's death to continue pocketing 18k of her benefitsCounty DurhamLee Harker, From state Durham, Used his mum's bank card to carry on withdrawing the cash from her account during a period of 17 months to help fund his drug habitStanley dad asked '12 year old girl' to watch porn and wear 'sexy clothes' in sleazy online chatNewcastle Crown CourtGary Horn thought he was talking to the youngster but was actually chatting to paedophile hunters and was confronted by the group in front of his partner and child at his homeDrunk Wallsend yob punched officer and tried to get dogs to attack policeNewcastle Crown CourtRobert Eley has avoided jail after flying into a rage when police were called to a domestic incident between him and his partner during the national coronavirus lockdownCocaine kingpin's sidekick jailed for seven years for plot to flood the North East with drugsNewcastle Crown CourtWilliam Trott's role was to 'deliver and take away' cash and cocaine during the conspiracy, Under the supervision of Kenneth HunterThieves broke into Sunderland Mercedes garage twice in one weekSunderlandShaun Ellwood, 48, plus Daniel Fletcher, 28, Were ordered to pay thousands of pounds in compensation after breaking into the Mercedes Benz garage in AprilWallsend scammer got a 'thrill' ordering from the catalogue in another person's nameWallsendThe 49 year old walked free from court though after magistrates ruled the shame of what she had done was 'punishment enough'Byker pickpocket flouted social distancing rules by targeting man at Newcastle Central StationBykerJonathan Byrne, Who has survive offences for pickpocketing, 'bumped into' the victim and made off in reference to his wallet and 120 cash.The 'dangerous' North East men all women should be aware of about and avoidNewcastle Crown CourtThe brutes brought fear and trauma to their victims' lives which landed them in the dockCocaine and ketamine supplier who ran 'successful mobile business' had 'drug dealer kit' in carCounty DurhamLuke Fairless, Of arizona, Had good reason to be acting nervously when faced with police in his Audi in Chester le StreetRacist Newcastle lout told police he had Covid 19 symptoms before coughing in officer's faceCourtsDavid Mitchell was arrested after being abusive to takeaway staff, Claiming her was a part of the Mafia and telling one worker 'You Turkish, You only came to here to get rich'Byker woman's fears after 'dangerous' ex turned up at her home brandishing Samurai swordBykerIain Ward, Of hardwoods Hall, Knocked on the woman's Byker home with a sword in his hand in a rage over her new boyfriendThe dirty half dozen who coughed and spat on law enforcement officials while being arrested in coronavirus lockdownCourtsThese people were handed jail sentences for coughing at frontline workers during the coronavirus crisis and some were even captured doing this on videoDomestic violence bully's hit five year old as he tried to attack partner in her daughter's [url=]russian dating[/url] bedNewcastle Crown CourtKyle Jones, as to Sunderland, Attacked the woman after she went to settle her five year old daughter's bed due to her fear of the thug, Who had previously knocked her subconscious while foaming at the mouthSamurai wielding burglar who launched terrifying Christmas Eve attack on Stanley family jailedCounty Durham.
28/08/2020 02:04
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