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It's a bird... It's a plane... It's the new HJC RPHA 11 Superman helmet!

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Weise Detroit Jacket Ride Recommended

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COVID-19 Situation

In line with current government guidelines, Our Showrooms/Spares Counter and Harry's Café are closed until further notice.

The Service Dept and Parts Mail Order (0117 977 0466) are open and online channels such as Fowlers Parts and the Fowlers Store are also open.

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Fowlers Go Green

Fowlers go green in 2019


Fowlers go green in 2019





The largest stockist of genuine motorcycle spares in the UK, is switching to eco-friendly packaging for 2019 and hopes that other motorcycle wholesalers and mail-order retailers will be inspired to follow its example.  

Supplying both on- and off-road parts for Honda, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha, plus road bike spares for Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Piaggio and Vespa, Fowlers carries over 100,000 lines in stock, sending out hundreds of parcels every day, so even small changes make a significant impact on the amount of waste created.

Assistant Warehouse Manager, Warren Lane, is spearheading the drive and has converted almost all key packaging materials to recyclable or biodegradable versions. As a result, whether delivering nuts and bolts in a packet or bulky bodywork on a pallet, there will be minimal waste.

Envelopes lined with plastic bubble-wrap will be replaced with 100% recyclable paper-filled versions, plastic packing tape is being substituted with recyclable paper Ecotape, and all plastic air pillows will be biodegradable.

Heavyweight plastic banding – used to secure cartons and for which there is no alternative - will only be used for heavy parcels, reducing usage by over 90%.

Replacing Shrink Wrap was the biggest challenge. Stretched around stacks of boxes on pallets to prevent them from moving, Fowlers uses up to a tonne every year. No practical alternative was available in the UK, so Fowlers developed their own reusable pallet 'jackets' that are secured around boxes using Velcro straps and should reduce use of plastic stretch film by more than 95%.

Find out more by calling Fowlers on 0117 977 8899

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Reusable pallet 'jacket' (left)
Recyclable paper Ecotape
Paper-filled Green Jiffy Bag
Biodegradable air pillows
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Christmas Gifts



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How To Wash Your Bike Properly



How to clean your motorcycle properly

Your motorcycle is probably one of your most precious possessions - both emotionally and financially - so it’s worth investing a little time and effort to keep it in peak condition.

Follow these five simple steps for professional results without excessive elbow grease;

  1.     Before you start, put your bike on its centre stand or, if it doesn’t have one, use a paddock stand, so that it’s upright. Otherwise, if the bike is leaning to one side, water won’t be able to drain away properly and will collect in nooks and crannies, potentially causing corrosion or electrical problems. There’s no need to rinse off dirt first, because that will prevent the cleaning fluid from sticking to the grimey surface and it will drip off before it can get to work.
  2.     Spray on a specialist bike cleaner. These are formulated for use on all the different materials used to make a motorcycle - steel, alloy, chrome, rubber, plastic, vinyl, etc - so they won’t damage of discolour your pride and joy. Muc-Off Tech Bike Wash, Silkolene Pro Wash and WD-40 Specialist Total Wash are all reliable products from trusted manufacturers For really stubborn grime, like chain lube flung onto the rear wheel, you might need to use a sponge or even a brush. These need to be soft, like the Muc-Off Wheel Brake Brush, so they won’t scratch paintwork, metalwork or plastics.
  3.     Leave the cleaner to do its stuff for as long as recommended on the instructions, then rinse off with a hose or a bucket of fresh clean water and a clean sponge. If you are going to use a jet-wash, stand well back, to avoid blasting off stickers and lubricants. Then use a chamois leather to dry off bodywork, which will prevent ‘spotting’ as the water dries.
  4.     Clean your chain. Chains really benefit from regular cleaning, which will extend their life, and help sprockets last longer too. Spraying lube onto dirty chain is counter-productive, because it actually sticks dirt particles to the links, causing increased wear. Using a dedicated spray, like WD-40 Specialist Chain Cleaner, will remove the dirt quickly and completely, ready for lube to be applied. As a rule, it’s best to use regular chain lube, such as Silkolene Pro Chain if rain is expected, and a ‘dry’ lube, (e.g. Silkolene Titanium Dri Gel), in summer (on the days it isn’t raining).
  5.     For a finishing touch, add a protective shield. Wax provides a protective coating that leaves a showroom shine and repels water, preventing dirt from sticking to your bike so easily. Try WD-40 Wax & Polish or Muc-Off Speed Polish.

One last thing. Never put your bike away in a garage, shed or under a cover, until it is completely dry, otherwise it can cause condensation, which will result in corrosion. 

You’ll find a huge choice of specialist bike cleaning products

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How to Choose Riding Jeans


How to choose the perfect denim riding jeans


Pick the perfect pair of jeans to wear while riding and you’ll combine the fit, feel and look of your favourite denims with the protection of motorcycle trousers. However, there’s a bit more to it than simply selecting the size and style that suits you. Follow these three golden rules to find the right jeans to enhance your riding pleasure.

  1. Fit for riding. Check whether the jeans will fit over your biking boots. Remember that they’ll ride up when you’re sitting on your bike, so they need to be long enough to cover your ankles when seated. Also, make sure the waist is high enough to avoid a gap between jeans and jacket when riding, which could expose you to wind, rain and, in the event of a spill, road rash.
  2. Are you sitting comfortably? Those skinny fit jeans may look the business on a night out, but could you face several hours in the saddle wearing them? Stretch denim is a major benefit if you like a snug fit, otherwise consider going for a looser style. A mesh lining will help keep you feeling fresh on hot days and also stops the protective lining from irritating your skin.
  3. Protection. Most biker jeans have abrasion resistant panels, made from Kevlar, (or similar aramid fibres), under vulnerable areas, (e.g. hips, knees and backside). Some are even lined throughout, although this can make them a bit heavier and/or bulkier. Pockets at the knees and hips provide the option to fit CE-approved protectors if you want the additional assurance of body armour.

Here’s a final thought. The whole point of biker jeans is that you should be able to wear them all day long, both on your motorcycle and off it, so be sure to pick a style that you’ll be happy to be seen in.

Browse our complete range of biker jeans HERE [link to]

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Beat The Bike Thieves!

Use two or more security measures and reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

That’s the simple advice from the Metropolitan Police. It might sound obvious, but the more layers of security you use, the less likely it is that your motorcycle will be stolen.

Incredibly, research by West Midlands police revealed that less than half of the bikes and scooters parked in Birmingham's Cathedral Quarter were protected with a chain, disc lock or similar device. Such easy-pickings make well-protected machines much less attractive to criminal gangs.

The most popular layers of motorbike security are;

  1.     DISC LOCKS. Small and easy to carry, disc locks offer practical everyday security and are a visible deterrent to criminals. They can be locked onto the front brake disc on a motorcycle or scooter in seconds. Alarmed disc locks, which have an internal siren that is triggered by movement, provide two layers of security in one handy device.
  2.     CHAIN LOCKS. Looped through the rear wheel and frame, a chain and padlock creates an extra barrier for bike thieves and, when looped around a something solid that’s fixed to the ground (e.g. lamp post, railings or ground anchor), make it impossible to lift the motorcycle into a van.
  3.     BIKE COVERS - out of sight, out of mind. Research shows that thieves are less likely to target motorcycles or scooters if they can’t easily identify them as something desirable. Bizarrely, criminals are reluctant to remove, or even lift up, bike covers, so it’s worth using one whenever you park up and leave your machine outside, whether at home, college or work.
  4.     ANCHORS. Often referred to as ground anchors, some can be bolted to a wall, offering you the flexibility to fit them in a variety of locations inside or outdoors. They  provide an extra line of defence, allowing you to lock your bike or scooter to the wall or floor, so it can't be man-handled off the premises. 

The magnificent seven motorcycle security products

  1.     Gear Gremlin Tempest - an entry-level disc lock for just £22.99  [].
  2.     KOVIX KD Series disc lock - has an ear-splitting 120db alarm siren, triggered by a motion sensor. It retails at £59.99 [] .
  3.     ABUS Detecto - has a 3mm x 5mm ‘square’ locking pin and vibration sensitive 110db alarm, selling at £95.99 []
  4.     Gear Gremlin’s Scorpion chain has 9.5mm CR-MO hardened steel links and is secured by a padlock with a triple ball bearing locking system and an 11mm diameter shackle, also manufactured from hardened CR-MO steel. Prices from £40 []
  5.     The KOVIX KCL alarmed chain lock backs up the physical reassurance of 10mm link chain that has a stainless steel padlock welded onto it for extra strength, with a 120db motion sensitive alarm, to scare off anyone who tampers with it. It sells for £124.99 in 1.5M length []
  6.     There are a variety of anchors to suit different locations, which you can see here []
  7. Gear Gremlin waterproof covers are available for all shapes and sizes, from mopeds to super cruisers. Prices start at £32.99 for something to fit a 50cc machine [], topping out at £52.99 for a cover to fit motorcycles 1200cc and above 


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Don't Leave Home Without One...


Don’t leave home without one

Five must-have accessories for motorcycle touring and days out

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference and we’ve picked five of our favourite accessories – all of them essential ingredients for an enjoyable ride.

  1. BUFF - a good neck tube protects you from scratchy jacket collars, bugs, rain and drafts. Buffs are light, stretchy and keep you warm in the cold, yet also wick moisture to keep you cool when it's hot. They’re versatile too - they can be worn as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, face mask, hairband or bandana. See the range of Buffs here
  2. DISC LOCK - bike theft is in the headlines and a disc lock is both portable and a highly visible deterrent to thieves. The Gear Gremlin Tempest, with a 10mm locking pin, is a tough and affordable choice. See it at
  3. VISOR CLEANER - on sunny days your visor gets covered with bugs and on rainy days road spray can soon obscure your vision. This handy little spray from MUC-OFF is easy to carry, ph neutral (so it’s safe to use on helmets) and has a streak-free formula for a crystal clear view. Find out more at
  4. WATERPROOF OVERTROUSERS - if you ride in denim or leather jeans, then a decent pair of rain trousers is one of the best investments you can make. Buffalo Sirocco jeans are light, inexpensive and easy to slip over your riding gear, so you no lnger need to worry about arriving at your destination in a damp pair of jeans if you get caught in a downpour. .
  5. DRINK BOTTLE - dehydration seriously affects your concentration and can make you drowsy. Carrying a bottle of water (or orange squash if you have exotic tastes) means you can pull over for a refreshing drink when you need it. This aluminium sports bottle from KTM is light, holds 700ml and looks the part.
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Fowlers Bike Night 13/07/2018 Peter Hickman!

Join us for a night of biking fun including:

★ Peter Hickman Is In The House! ★ Louis Bartlett ★ Race Simulator ★ The Triumph Truck ★ Harry’s Cafe ★ BBQ ★ Loyalty Lounge ★ DJ Chunky ★ Bike of the Night ★ Merchandise Tent ★ SaddleSoreTed ★ Vespa Owners Club ★ Badge Man ★ Sewing Box ★ Bristol Bike Recovery ★ Freewheelers & IAM + MUCH more!!

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