Fowlers 45 Point Used Bike Check

All our used bikes undergo a 45 point safety check

All our used bikes undergo a thorough 45 point safety check before leaving our showroom. Meaning that you can buy used from us with confidence.


The 45 Points


  1. Engine oil level/check, adjust.
  2. Check tightness of drain bolt.
  3. Engine stop switch.
  4. Instrument lights & Indicators, warning lights etc.
  5. Starter.

Drive Train

  1. Final Drive oil level/check, adjust.
  2. Drive chain lubrication/check, adjust.

Cooling System

  1. Coolant level: add if necessary.

Fuel System

  1. Choke/check operation & cable free play.
  2. Throttle/check free play, cable routing & operation.
  3. Tank & hoses/check for leaks.


  1. Hydraulic brakes fluid level/add fluid if necessary.
  2. Hydraulic brakes: brake lever and/or pedal feeling. Bleed if spongy.
  3. Mechanical brakes: brake lever and/or pedal free play. Adjust free play.


  1. Operation.
  2. Hydraulic clutch: clutch lever adjust & feeling. Bleed system if necessary.
  3. Hydraulic clutch: check fluid level. Top up if necessary.
  4. Mechanical clutch: free play and feeling. Adjust if necessary.

Electrical System

  1. Main switch/all positions.
  2. Headlight/high & low beam, aim.
  3. Brake light: front/rear switches.
  4. Turn signals & indicator lights.
  5. Horn.


  1. Nuts, bolts, fasteners.
  2. All applicable campaigns/recalls completed.

Test Ride

  1. Instrumentation.
  2. Cold starting performance.
  3. Throttle responses.
  4. Gear shifting.
  5. Cruising.
  6. Handling & stability.
  7. Brakes front/rear.

Static Checks (After test ride)

  1. Hot restart.
  2. Idling/stability.
  3. Leakage/coolant.
  4. Cooling fan operation.
  5. Appearance/clean machine.
  6. Operation & adjustment.


  1. Smoothness of steering head movement & pre-load. Adjust if necessary.
  2. Steering lock/ check operation.

Wheels & Tyres

  1. Wheels/spokes. Check tension, tighten as required.
  2. Tyres. Check air pressure, settings, damage.
  3. Check alignment.