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How to Tour Europe

How to Tour Europe

Been thinking about your next motorbike tour? The latest release from RAC could sway your decision to stay on European shores.

According to 75% of motorcyclists involved in RAC’s survey, riding in Europe has fewer complications and therefore gives the most freedom to ‘do what you want, when you want’.

Given the expanse of the Continent, over half of bikers emphasised that touring gives the opportunity to take in more of Europe than flying allows. A similar number felt that they gained a richer, ‘up-close’ understanding of the country when travelling by road.

Among reasons for biking abroad was the lower number of cars on foreign roads, as well as the sense that driving behaviour was less closely monitored by cameras. It all adds to the sense of escapism touring brings.

If you’re not sure where to start with your trip, RAC’s figures may provide a starting point. According to their survey, France was the most popular European destination, voted for by almost 80% of participants. Belgium and Germany were praised by a fifth of bikers.

Germany is a top choice for those on the search for a fuss-free holiday: speed limits are more relaxed, particularly on motorways. It’s worth being aware that French speed limits vary according to the weather. Equally, drivers are prohibited from using devices that warn drivers of speed cameras (fines can reach €1,500).

If you’re preparing for a tour, RAC recommends bringing a high-vis jacket, as well as keeping spare bulbs to hand for headlights. As of 1 July it is compulsory to carry a breathalyser kit, so be sure to pack yours and avoid unnecessary complications.

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For more information and advice about travelling in Europe, visit the RAC website.

Are You Staying Safe on the Roads?

Are You Staying Safe on the Roads?This week, motorcycle specialists from RAC released key tips and data to promote bikers’ safety on the roads.

Tips include regularly checking tyre pressure, as well as looking out for potentially dangerous cracks or dents in the rubber. Fluidity is a buzz word: bikers are advised to ensure that controls are properly lubricated and the throttle is easily manoeuvrable with no sticking.

Cables that are kinked or frayed are a cause for concern, while lights and reflectors should be checked often for signs of damage or faultiness. Leaking fluids should automatically raise a red flag, and RAC’s specialists advise assessing the condition of the chassis on a regular basis.

In addition to their safety advice, RAC have collated the top reasons for motorbike failure or breakdowns on the road. Flat batteries are a major culprit, along with ignition-related malfunctions. Cracks or objects stuck in the rubber lead to flat tyres, while problems with the engine itself often lead to roadside assistance.

The majority of reasons for motorbike failure released by the automotive services were related to the condition of the bike, supporting their advice to know your machine inside out. Even if it seems minor, keeping on top of any wear and tear is likely to save you time and money down the line.

For more information about motorbike insurance and the law please visit the RAC website.

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