Five countries, two continents and over 6,400km!

Lifelong friends, Fowlers customers and local business men have recently completed the Africa Eco Rally, an 11 stage motorcycle race across treacherous terrain. Not for the faint-hearted, the race now labeled the ‘real Dakar’ experience, is a fierce contest which sees entrants speed across cities, airport tarmac and North African deserts completing up to a grueling 840km per stage.

The daring duo, consisting of Matthew Smith and Robin Powell, have been riding together since they were 17. Matthew modestly explained the race as ‘natural progression’ from their 30 years of motorcycle escapades together.

Chepstow’s finest adventurers finished in 11th and 12th place making them the fastest Brits! Now, post race, their bikes are now displayed in Fowlers Off-Road Centre.

With sand covered frames, worn muddy tyres and dents all on show, why not pop in and have a look at what it takes to complete a 6,400km motorbike marathon?

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