Genuine Piaggio Accessories for Yourban 300LT

Piaggio has introduced a range of accessories for its new Yourban 300LT, to provide all-weather comfort, extra carrying capacity and added security for riders of its updated three-wheel scooter.

Scooter theft is making headlines, and Piaggio’s OEM alarm and handlebar lock are as simple to fit as they are to operate.

The E-Power Electronic Alarm comes with an electronic key and two-button remote control for easy operation, together with pre-installed plug and play connection, for a fuss-free fit.

For a physical deterrent, the mechanical Seat to Handlebar Lock connects the saddle to the handlebar in a few seconds, and can even be extended to wrap around a solid object. When not in use, it stores away discreetly around the underside of the seat.

Protection from the elements is provided by the Style windshield; made from high quality anti-chip material, it shields the rider from wind and rain, and sells for. The waterproof Leg Cover is designed specifically for the Piaggio 3-wheeler. Combined with the waterproof, padded Hand Guards, riding in the cold and wet becomes a far more pleasant experience.

Adding a rear top box boosts the carrying capacity provided by the large compartment under the seat. With quick-release fitment and a 37-litre capacity, it is spacious enough for either one full-face or two jet helmets. The lid is colour-matched to the scooter and has a comfortable back-rest to make the passenger’s ride more enjoyable.

For prices and further information on Piaggio’s complete range of genuine accessories call 0117 972 5552 or visit

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