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John’s Golden Jubilee at Fowlers Motorcycles


John’s career with Fowlers Motorcycles began in 1964;

I left school at 15 and started work at the Cheltenham Road branch of Fowlers, which was close to the Arches. We had multiple franchises, including AJS, Matchless, Ariel, BSA, James, Francis Barnet, Royal Enfield, Triumph and Velocette”, John, known as JC to friends and colleagues, recalls.

I started at the bottom, making tea, sweeping up, selling petrol and cleaning the motorcycles, as well as the occasional car taken in part-exchange. I then graduated to the parts counter”.

John moved around the city as the business expanded; “We started dealing with Honda and Yamaha – the Yamaha spares were located at Grosvenor Road and the Honda parts were moved to a warehouse in Bath Buildings, just off Cheltenham Road. Both departments were later moved to Brookfield Lane, at the rear of the Arches’ premises”.

In 1982 Fowlers opened purpose-built showrooms-cum-warehouse on Bath Road, close to Temple Meads, and transferred all the stock to the new premises. JC now works in the company’s wholesale division, booking in all the spares for emergency orders for Honda parts, as well as picking customers’ orders in the warehouse.

Staff and management at Fowlers marked JC’s golden jubilee by throwing a party for him and presented him with an engraved carriage clock as a token of appreciation for his dedication and service to the company.

I thank Fowlers that I have achieved 50 years’ service with the company”, says JC.

REALsafe wins International Road Safety Award


REALsafe have been awarded the 2014 The Prince Michael International Road Safety Motorcycle Award. The company, responsible for the crash detection app REALRIDER received the award at a annual ceremony.

REALRIDER is the first of it’s kind in road safety apps helping riders through GPS tracking and other sensors. The crash detection app has a whole host of features including journey planning but identifying the impact of a crash and reporting the location to a local NHS control centre is what really helps the app stand out.

Andrew from REALsafe was overwhelmed by the award saying it  “underpins the very reason we took REALRIDER to market – to save lives”.


Guy Martin was set to retire

Guy Martin

Road racer and speed freak Guy Martin says he was set to retire after the 2014 season but was swayed by a new deal made by TAS Racing.

Ahead of the 2015 season TAS will switch manufacturer to BMW. Martin described the new venture in which TAS become BMW’s official road racing team as ‘just what we need going into next season’.

Guy Martin, whose popularity has risen in recent years due to various TV appearances, has now been riding with TAS for four seasons and looks likely to retire from the team after his fifth.

5 most impressive wheelie world records


After the news that Robert Gull’s record attempt was approved by the Guiness Book of Records this week, we’ve put together what we think are the 5 most impressive wheelie based world records. Naturally we’ve picked mainly motorcycle records but couldn’t resist adding a wildcard.

1. Longest No Hands Motorcycle Wheelie

In 2004, the famous Dutch stunt rider A.C Farias performed an 89m wheelie. An impressive feat for most but Farias made it even more impressive by the fact he did so with no hands.

2. Motorcycle Wheelie – Fastest Over Kilometre

Terry Calcott achieved the fasted wheelie over a kilometre at Elvington Airfield in 2005. A record he still holds 7 years after his passing.

3. Fastest Motorcycle Wheelie On Tightrope 

2005 must have been the year for wheelie records. In August of 2005, a German biker,  Johann Traber set the world record for fastest motorcycle wheelie on a tightrope. He managed 53kmh which is more exciting than anything we’ve ever seen at the circus.

4. Fastest Bicycle Wheelie Over 100 Metres

Moving away from motorbikes for a second, Austen Nunes set the fastest bicycle wheelie over 100 metres in 2010 at 14.05 seconds.

5. Fastest Motorcycle Handlebar Wheelie 

Enda Wright set this record in 2006. Achieving a speed of 173.81 km/h (108 mph). Nutter.

Honda VFR800X 2015

VFR800X 2015

Good news! Honda’s popular VFR800X has been upgraded for 2015 and will be arriving in our dealership in January.

The motorcycle now boasts a whole host of new features to improve the riding experience. An upgraded VFR800x features a V4-VTEC engine giving the bike more ‘top end power’,  new wheels and brakes, ABS as standard, 5 stage heated grips and selectable torque control system (S-TCS).

Honda have also improved the appearance of the VFR800X, replacing the old style with smoother looking bodywork and pearlescent paint.

If you want to find out more about the Honda VFR800X 2015, pop into our showroom or call the Honda team on 0117 977 0466.


Blood donor recruitment event

Blood Donor Event


Saturday 13th December saw Fowlers’ first blood donor recruitment event with the 4 County Bikers group and NHS Blood and Transplant.

Anne Grimsted from NHS Blood and Transplant confirmed that 12 bikers enrolled and wanted to thank all involved. The event was a great success with several members who were already donors turning up to show their support for such a great cause.

We’ll keep you up to date with news of any future events here and on our social media pages.

Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice

The record for the worlds fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice has been smashed by Robert Gull.

Gull, a 23 year old Swedish motorcycle racer, beat Ryan Suchanek’s previous record in all three of his attempts. The fastest being almost 5mph quicker.

Achieving just over 114mph, Gull has now secured his place in the Guinness Book of Records who approved his achievement this morning.

You can view the details of the Guinness World Records site here.