Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Fowlers of Bristol Limited. 2-12 Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3DR


Consumer Transactions

Nothing herein contained is intended to affect, nor will it affect, a Consumer’s statutory rights under The Consumer Rights Act 2015 or any amendments thereof or statutory additions thereto.


The following terms and conditions apply to the Fowlers of Bristol Gift Card Scheme, usage of the scheme will be considered as having accepted these terms and conditions.

  1. The Scheme is operated and promoted by Fowlers of Bristol Ltd, 2-12 Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3DR.
  2. These terms and conditions, in conjunction with the Privacy Policy, are applicable across the Fowlers Gift Card scheme and any participation is considered as acceptance. Additional terms and conditions may be in place for optional elements of the scheme, examples of which include but are not limited to, Christmas savers, club membership, and Loyalty cards. Members participating in the optional elements of the scheme will be considered as having accepted the additional terms and conditions.
  3. The Gift card issued by Fowlers remains the property of Fowlers of Bristol Ltd.
  4. The Gift Card may be activated with a minimum of £5 and have a maximum value of £1,000. Gift Cards can be topped up in store to the maximum value Limit.
  5. The Gift Cards are only redeemable in the Fowlers of Bristol Store.
  6. All purchasers of the Gift Card must be resident within the UK and be over the age of 18.
  7. The Gift Card cannot be used as a credit/debit or guarantee card.
  8. The Gift Card may be used for purchases which exceed the balance on the card by the holder contributing the balance due by other acceptable methods of payment.
  9. The Gift card cannot be used for telephone orders or mail order purchases.
  10. The Gift Card must be presented to be used in store.
  11. Returned items purchased with the gift card will be refunded back to the card.
  12. The card remains the responsibility of the scheme member, as do any security details relating to the account. Fowlers cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from the member failing to ensure the safe-keeping of these items.
  13. Fowlers may decline to accept any Gift Card which may appear to have been tampered with.
  14. The Gift Card is only for consumer use. The card cannot be used for any transaction where the beneficiary is a business entity.
  15. The cards cannot be bought, sold or in any way traded.
  16. Cards which have not been used for 36 months will be deactivated without notice.
  17. Members may inherit the card of a family member who has died by providing a written request informing us of the details of the deceased.
  18. A card holder may terminate his/her card at any time.
  19. Fowlers will notify card holders of any changes to these terms and conditions. Notices detailing the revised terms will be available on
  20. These terms and conditions and the scheme are subject to the laws of England and Wales.


Fowlers of Bristol Ltd