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Press Adverts 17/01/18

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Latest Offers 3/11/17

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British Summer Time ends on 29th October, when the clocks ‘fall’ back, heralding the start of chillier and damper journeys.

Fortunately, help is at hand for owners of Piaggio scooters who plan to continue riding through autumn/winter, with a range of weatherproof accessories tailor-made for their vehicles.

Leg covers are popular in Piaggio’s native Italy, providing protection from wind and wet for riders who prefer to wear casual trousers. Designed with a quick and easy mounting system, tailored for each model of scooter, they will not affect stability, even at high speed. Access to ignition and the under-seat storage compartment are built in, along with an integrated waterproof seat cover and anti-theft system. Reflective stripes offer additional passive safety in the dark.

Handlebar muffs shield exposed hands from inclement weather. Made from waterproof material with a thermo-padded polyamide inner lining, they keep hands warm and dry, without needing to invest in special gloves for winter riding.

Scooters also need protection from the elements! Piaggio’s outdoor scooter cover is produced using black waterproof fabric with thermo-taped joints, reflective inserts, a transparent window so the licence plate can be seen without lifting the cover, and PVC coated chain ring, so the cover can be locked at the same time as the bike. Designed with pockets for accessories (e.g. top box, windscreen) and with an adjustable elastic hem, a perfect fit is guaranteed. As a deterrent against thieves, security experts also recommend using bike covers for any scooter parked in a public place.

Prices vary according to the model of scooter – the following are retail prices (including VAT) for the Beverly; bike cover = £78, leg cover = £100 and muffs = £41.

For a complete list of original accessories for Piaggio and Vespa scooters, call 0117 972 5552 or visit




With scooter theft on the rise and in the headlines, both the Metropolitan Police and MotorCycle Industry Association (MCIA) are advising riders to layer security, using more than one device to maximise protection.

Scooter theft isn’t restricted to London – West Midlands police surveyed parking bays in Birmingham’s Cathedral Quarter and discovered that only 40% of bikes and scooters were protected with a chain, disc lock or similar device.

Specifically designed for modern and retro scooters, Piaggio produce alarms, handlebar locks, chain and disc Locks, offering multiple ways to secure vehicles and giving owners peace of mind that their machine will be safe and sound when they return to it. The range includes:

DISK LOCK TOP – a compact brake lock with a 5mm diameter locking pin and reversible key, with drill-proof and pick-proof casing. Supplied in a carry bag with reminder cable. RRP: £33.00.

PIAGGIO ® MULTILINK LOCK TOP – cable lock, protected by steel tubes with pipe-ball joints, for increased flexibility, and extra drill protection on cylinder. Available in 100-170 cm lengths, RRP starts at: £29.00.

CHAIN LOCK – 110-140 cm long chain, with 10 mm square steel links, secured with a 12 mm diameter shackle in a hardened steel lock body, with drill-proof and pick-proof keyway. RRP from £45.00

HANDLEBAR LOCKS – Permanently attached to the scooter for convenience, they can be secured to the handlebar in seconds to immobilise the vehicle. When not in use they fit discreetly between the seat and footrest, keeping underseat storage free. Extension cables are also available, allowing owners to secure their scooter to an item of road furniture. RRP from £59.00.

Piaggio produces a range of electronic alarm systems too, including the E-POWER. This plug & play is system designed for scooters equipped with a pre-installation connection. It comes with an electronic key and two button remote control. RRP £146.00.

For a complete list of Piaggio’s genuine Alarms, Handlebar Locks, Chain Locks and Disc Locks, for Piaggio and Vespa scooters, call 0117 972 5552 or visit





New to the genuine Vespa accessories and lifestyle range, V-Stripe Helmets add a vibrant splash of colour to every ride, whatever the weather. As part of the V-Stripes collection, which uses the letter ‘V’ from the iconic Vespa logo for inspiration, these helmets are available in five eye-catching shades – Yellow, Red, Black, White and Azure. All feature contrasting coloured stripes, plus an Italian flag shield graphic and the iconic Vespa logo in purple.

The demi-jet design offers all-round vision – ideal when navigating crowded city traffic – and makes the helmets compact enough to fit in the under-seat storage compartments found on most modern scooters.

Approved to the current ECE2205 safety standard, the V-Stripe has an ABS shell and is secured with a micro-adjustable seatbelt-style strap. It’s quick release, so there’s no fiddling around when your destination is reached.

A breathable, hypo-allergenic textile lining keeps the wearer comfortable and cool when hustling through busy streets, and there are three visor options to choose from – standard and shaped short visors, as well as a long version .

Vespa V-Stripe helmets are made in Italy and come in sizes XS-XL. For details on these and the complete range of Vespa official accessories visit




Fowlers are pleased to announce a new and exciting addition to our Scooter department – the Torrot Muvi Executive electric scooter!

The latest in the ever-evolving and improving wave of electric scooters, the Muvi is available brand new, with a 20% government subsidy – originally £4,495, it’s now just £3,651* on the road. With two removable batteries and capable of 43-47mph, the Muvi takes the convenience of a scooter for commuting or quick city trips, and makes it even more affordable! Able to run on just one battery or both, the batteries can be charged indoors while you work, or overnight at home – with a range of 47 miles when fully-charged. Taking just four hours to fully charge (with an upgraded charger coming soon that can charge both batteries in just two and a half hours), gone are the days of waiting forever to get on the road.

The smart dashboard can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, enabling remote diagnostics, battery level checks and even keyless entry. With a 2-year guarantee on the Muvi itself, and a 3-year guarantee on the batteries, you can rest assured that you’ll be fully supported too – being electric, there is minimal maintenance to be done and no 600-mile first service. You’ll also pay no road tax – what are you waiting for?

For more information about the Muvi, please get in touch with our Scooter department on 0117 977 0466, or get in touch online via our contact form.

*Price correct as of May 2017.