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With scooter theft on the rise and in the headlines, both the Metropolitan Police and MotorCycle Industry Association (MCIA) are advising riders to layer security, using more than one device to maximise protection.

Scooter theft isn’t restricted to London – West Midlands police surveyed parking bays in Birmingham’s Cathedral Quarter and discovered that only 40% of bikes and scooters were protected with a chain, disc lock or similar device.

Specifically designed for modern and retro scooters, Piaggio produce alarms, handlebar locks, chain and disc Locks, offering multiple ways to secure vehicles and giving owners peace of mind that their machine will be safe and sound when they return to it. The range includes:

DISK LOCK TOP – a compact brake lock with a 5mm diameter locking pin and reversible key, with drill-proof and pick-proof casing. Supplied in a carry bag with reminder cable. RRP: £33.00.

PIAGGIO ® MULTILINK LOCK TOP – cable lock, protected by steel tubes with pipe-ball joints, for increased flexibility, and extra drill protection on cylinder. Available in 100-170 cm lengths, RRP starts at: £29.00.

CHAIN LOCK – 110-140 cm long chain, with 10 mm square steel links, secured with a 12 mm diameter shackle in a hardened steel lock body, with drill-proof and pick-proof keyway. RRP from £45.00

HANDLEBAR LOCKS – Permanently attached to the scooter for convenience, they can be secured to the handlebar in seconds to immobilise the vehicle. When not in use they fit discreetly between the seat and footrest, keeping underseat storage free. Extension cables are also available, allowing owners to secure their scooter to an item of road furniture. RRP from £59.00.

Piaggio produces a range of electronic alarm systems too, including the E-POWER. This plug & play is system designed for scooters equipped with a pre-installation connection. It comes with an electronic key and two button remote control. RRP £146.00.

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Piaggio has introduced a range of accessories for its new Yourban 300LT, to provide all-weather comfort, extra carrying capacity and added security for riders of its updated three-wheel scooter.

Scooter theft is making headlines, and Piaggio’s OEM alarm and handlebar lock are as simple to fit as they are to operate.

The E-Power Electronic Alarm comes with an electronic key and two-button remote control for easy operation, together with pre-installed plug and play connection, for a fuss-free fit.

For a physical deterrent, the mechanical Seat to Handlebar Lock connects the saddle to the handlebar in a few seconds, and can even be extended to wrap around a solid object. When not in use, it stores away discreetly around the underside of the seat.

Protection from the elements is provided by the Style windshield; made from high quality anti-chip material, it shields the rider from wind and rain, and sells for. The waterproof Leg Cover is designed specifically for the Piaggio 3-wheeler. Combined with the waterproof, padded Hand Guards, riding in the cold and wet becomes a far more pleasant experience.

Adding a rear top box boosts the carrying capacity provided by the large compartment under the seat. With quick-release fitment and a 37-litre capacity, it is spacious enough for either one full-face or two jet helmets. The lid is colour-matched to the scooter and has a comfortable back-rest to make the passenger’s ride more enjoyable.

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A handlebar lock is a simple, yet highly effective, security system, which is always available, wherever you go, because it is permanently attached to the scooter.

One end of the armour-plated cable is fixed to a bracket beneath the seat and the other can be locked to the handlebar in a few seconds, preventing the scooter from being ridden or wheeled away. When not in use, it is fixed neatly between the footrest and seat, so it doesn’t occupy space in the compartment under the seat or in the top box.

Unlike traditional chain locks, which are secured through the wheels, the handlebar lock is much cleaner to use too.

A 1.0 metre extension cable is also available, should the rider wish to secure the scooter to a lamp post, railings or another anchor point.

Two versions are offered in sizes to fit most current models from Vespa and Piaggio – standard and luxury.

The luxury handlebar lock offers the highest level of security and comes with an STS locking system, anti-drill coating, 7 mm hardened steel (carbo-nitride) joints, stainless steel internal cable and anti-leverage mounting bracket.

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TomTom’s smartphone-connected VIO satnav is now available in a version specifically designed for use on the current range of Piaggio and Vespa scooters.
The VIO’s weatherproof display unit mounts to the rear view mirror bar and connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth® to provide turn-by-turn navigation. Its circular touchscreen is glove-friendly and the VIO has built-in GPS, acting as an extension to a connected smartphone.

Users benefit from many advanced features, including TomTom’s speed camera warning system and TomTom Traffic, which offers alternative routes in real time. There’s even caller display, so riders can see who’s trying to call them while on the move.

Using TomTom VIO allows riders to keep their smartphone safely tucked away in a pocket or in a storage compartment on the scooter. At the end of the journey, the compact touchscreen device can be quickly and easily un-clipped from the mirror mount and taken away by the owner until the next time it is needed.

Models covered:

  • PIAGGIO – X10 350/500, MP3 ABS (2014-on), MP3 Yourban (LT), Beverly 350 ST, Medley EU4, Liberty iGet, New Fly, Zip and Typhoon
  • VESPA – Sprint, Primavera, PX, GTS Super & Super Sport

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Piaggio has announced a range of Genuine Accessories for the new Beverly Sport EU4, many of which will be especially welcome for owners planning to ride through the autumn and winter seasons.

With combined ABS and traction control for safety in even the most challenging weather conditions, the Beverley Sport Touring makes the ideal run-around, whatever the weather.

Helping to keep the worst of the wind and weather off the rider is the tall Windscreen Kit. Made from shock- and scratch-resistant 4 mm methacrylate, it shields the upper body and hands and is fully tested and approved by Piaggio.

The Outdoor Cover keeps the rain, frost, road spray and prying eyes off the Beverly 350cc scooter. Tailored to fit the scooter snugly, it comes in black with reflective strips for added visibility, openings for accessories, a transparent number plate window and chain ring.

Ideal for stashing waterproofs, spare gloves and other useful seasonal accessories, the handy Tunnel Bag is made from nylon with waterproof zips. It will hold up to 16-litres, has extra side pockets and is designed so that it will not interfere with the riding position. It detaches quickly and easily for use off the scooter.

To view the complete range of genuine accessories for the Beverly Sport Touring visit our showrooms or see them online HERE.




Piaggio have unveiled a comprehensive range of accessories for their new Medley 125, enabling owners to tailor the big-wheeler scooter to their needs.


Complementing the Medley’s already generous on-board carrying capability are two Top Boxes, available in 32-litre (£113.99) and 37-litre (£196.99) sizes. Both share the same Medley-specific fitting kit (£49.99) and both can accommodate one full-face or two open-face helmets. Colour-coded to match the Medley, the larger box comes with a Passenger Backrest too.


Two screen options help to keep the weather at bay – choose between the sporty Flyscreen (£99.99) or the larger Windscreen (£149.99), which has built in hand-guards for extra protection. Both are made from high quality shock- and scratch-resistant 4 mm methacrylate.


Heading up the range are three advanced electronic systems that can be installed simultaneously – the Bike Finder (£86.98) enables owners to locate their Medley in crowded areas and busy parking bays, and also allows them to open the under-seat storage bay remotely.
Fitting the Piaggio Sound System (£476.98) uses the body of the Medley as a diffuser/speaker to play music or information from navigation systems. In other words, the scooter becomes a speaker.

For complete digital integration, the Piaggio Multimedia Platform (£207.98) links most smart phones to the scooter via Bluetooth®, displaying a wide variety of information, including speed, rpm, engine power and torque, instant and average fuel consumption, average speed, battery voltage and more, all of which are displayed on the phone’s screen, in real time.

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